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Fastest Four-Cylinder in the World

The Sakura leaving the line. The Sakura Racing Team broke the world record in four-cylinder drag racing with a 7.97-second quarter mile.

     AMSOIL Regency Dirct Jobber Juan Gonzalez has found the winning formula in drag racing sponsorship. He teamed up with Antonio Torres, owner of Sakura Racing Team and the fastest four-cylinder drag racer in the world.
     The alcohol-fueled Mitsubishi is piloted by Torres' son, Eric Yamil Torres and the crew chief is Freddy Fuentes.
     "During my life as a runner, I've been using a lot of different oils and additives trying to improve engine performance," said Torres. "Since meeting Mr. Juan Gonzalez, I began using AMSOIL products consistently."
     He uses AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 engine oil, 75W-90 gear lube in the transmission and differential, Series 2000 Racing Grease and even the Pro-Formula Auto Polish for appearance.
     "Since the installation of all the AMSOIL lubricants, I have noticed a better response from the machine. This was proven when we broke the world record on July 20, 1997 during the Pan American Nationals held in Atco, New Jersey with a quarter mile time of 7.97 seconds at a speed of over 167 miles per hour," said Torres.
     The Sakura has been competing up and down the eastern United States all season and is providing plenty of exposure to AMSOIL lubricants.
     "We are making some small changes and adjustments and expect that with AMSOIL products, we will be able to squeeze the machine to its maximum and break the record again," said Torres.

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