Monty Morgan

October 19, 2002
Bronson Florida

September 21, 2002
Bronson Motor Speedway
Bronson, Florida


5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st ......

November 2, 2002 -- WIN! We like starting at the back! We drew a last pill for the second time in a row, and started at the back of the field in the heat race. The 8 lap heat race seemed to take forever - we must have run over 50 laps with all the yellow flags -- the weather has turned much cooler and with over 20° cooler asphalt temperatures there were a lot of cars spinning out, but little damage! We got up to a 4th place finish in the heat race. The track drew a '4 invert' and we really got lucky with a pole starting position for the 30 lap feature. By the second lap it had become a three car race: Monty in the lead with the 39 - Gary Southard in second and the 64 -David Baxley in third. The first half of the race all three stayed close - 1 or 2 car lengths apart at the most. Just past half way there was a yellow from a middle of the pack spin. Monty got a good restart and jumped ahead, and about lap 20 started pulling away for good - wining by over a straight-away. Gary had his hands full of David trying to get by, but in the end it finished the same top three that ran the whole race.

November 26, 2002 -- The modifieds take a week off at Bronson, and we took a weekend off racing and enjoyed family!

October 19, 2002 -- WIN! Drew the absolutely last pill in the hopper for heat race starting position; finished 3rd in the heat race. Bronson does a "invert draw" to select how many of the front get inverted to set the feature starting lineup. Drew second row inside. Due to other people's unfortunate circumstances - outside front dropped to the back, pole sitter broke an axle on the parade lap, we started the feature on the pole -- and never looked back -- WIN!

October 12, 2002 -- 4th - One of those where you wish you just hadn't gotten out of bed! This week was a crash fest - bad news! Let laps 2 through 22, got tagged in the rear on lap 23 and sent to the back. Got back to the lead pack in 6 laps - on lap 28 the victim in the middle of another major crash - taken out with 2 flat tires, 2 bent rims, plus 2 flat spotted tires, and broken left front suspension. Only 3 cars finished the race - we came home with a 4th place. (There were a lot torn up a lot worse than ours.)

September 28, 2002 -- 2nd Let laps 2 through 22, got tagged and sent to the back, came back and got a 2nd place finish!

September 21, 2002 -- WIN! This year we got a late start on the race season, then plagued by rainouts (the first six trips only netted 2 races). July through September we have only raced 6 races, but have done well at Bronson: Finished In The Lead Pack And Top 5 Every Race! Most races have 12 to 18 cars in the Modified Class, so there is pleanty of great racing with 8 lap heat races and a 30 lap feature for the class.
We have beat the track champion (who has won most of the races this year) both the last 2 races - and he never got within 3 car lengths of us!
There should be 4 more races for us this year we plan on competing in, including a special 100 lap SARA Sanctioned race Nov. 9-10.

Bronson is a 3/8 mile asphalt oval track with a very nice facility: Outside wall, grassed infield, lighted reasonable, pits outside the track with asphalt pit road and pit stalls with grassy parking - No dirt, no mud!

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Sponsors: Desperately Needed!

We have AMSOIL on board as our lubricant sponsor, but we need a cash sponsor.

For a cash sponsor (at least $250.00 per race plus out front dollars) we will rearrange the decals: both back fenders, rear panel and hood/nose are available for your decals. Plus, plenty of advertising real-estate is available on the sides of our 26' trailer. We will schedule promotional shows at your location(s). We will work to provide you a fair and equitable return on your advertising dollars.

Morgan Racing Founded 1957!
Monty comes from a racing family.
This is his Dad, Curtis Morgan, who won many races in North Florida and South Georgia.
April 1963, Pavo, GA

Driver Monty Morgan    e-mail Monty
Age 43
Wife Hilda, Daughter Melannie, Son Curtis Lee
Hometown: Monticello, FL
Crew Don Dawson, Crew Chief
Randy Erick
Stephen Rackley
Curtis Lee Morgan
Sponsors AMSOIL
Morgan's Garage
2001 We ran nearly 20 races at Ocala Speedway, but no matter what we did, it was a disappointing year - we were never able to get a handle on the track the way we felt we should have. We did manage a couple of 2nd place finishes, but overall we never made the car perform as we thought we should.

For 2000 we should have three cars.

  • Click for 1999 and 2000 reports.
  • Late Model/Sportsman: The car we ran in 1999 at Columbia MotorSports Park, Lake City, FL.
    This car is for sale. It is competitive! And a Winner!
  • Modified (open wheel). We should have two of these, the old one we ran in 1997 -- rebuilt, and a new one.
    Both built to be SARA legal. We would like to go back to running SARA again (it's just a matter of money).
1999 Ran the Late Model / Sportsman 6 races at Columbia MotorSports Park, Lake City, FL
We had 4 good finishes! (click for 1999 and 2000 reports)

We will not run another year like 1997. If we can't get enough sponsor money to buy tires and other necessities and be at the top, we will run something else.

Our only racing was 2 races in the LateModel we just bought. Ran it the last two races of the season at Columbia Motorsports Park, Lake City, FL for shake down and find out how to begin to set the car up. Finished 4th in the last race.

Took off as a rebuilding year:
   Finished our 26' enclosed race trailer.
   Finishing our new asphalt Modified.
   Rebuilt our older Modified for dirt tracks or backup for the new car.
   Bought a LateModel/Sportsman car.


Ran the SARA circuit the full season. (Touring circuit around Florida.)

Finished 8th in points. (The top 5 or 6 had money to buy at least 4 new tires every race. Of those spending as we did, we finished 2nd or 3rd.)


Very successful year:

   5 Victories!

   4th Place Points, Columbia Motorsports Park, Lake City, FL

   First year to run SARA: 13th in points, best finish: 6th at Citrus County Speedway, Inverness, FL. Won a qualifying race at USA International Speedway, Lakeland, FL.


Started Racing.

Ran a Late Model for several years before changing to the Open Wheel Modified Class.

1959 - 1970s Monty comes from a racing family. His father Curtis Morgan ran Late Models on dirt tracks in North Florida and South Georgia. Curtis won many races.

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