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Whether you are an individual looking to purchase products - retail or wholesale, or looking for a business opportunity - to join our team of dealers; or a retailer or quick-lube needing the best lubricant line to sell at a fair price with excellent profits; or a commercial/industrial/fleet user needing the best lubricant protection at competitive prices -- you have found it here!

Don Dawson, the-oilman, Your AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Jobber, serving you from Tallahassee, FL.

AMSOIL is right for today's challenging economy.

AMSOIL products are the solution for keeping your vehicle running economically. AMSOIL increases fuel economy while reducing engine wear. Most people have made the decision to keep their current vehicle for longer and not buy a new car. To keep your car running you need AMSOIL to reduce long term maintenance and keep it going.

AMSOIL marketing is right for today's challenging job market. Today with so many jobs being eliminated and increasing unemployment, more than every you need a home based business to fall back on. AMSOIL even through this challenging economic period is still experencing double digit growth.

AMSOIL, it may be the highest priced, lowest cost lubricant you ever buy!

At $9.00 and higher per quart (for AMSOIL's 1 year / 15,000 mile severe duty) AMSOIL may be the highest priced motor oil you ever buy?

But when you consider the benefits, it can the lowest cost (per year) to operate your vehicle:

  • 3% to 5% increase in fuel economy
  • 50% reduction in engine wear
  • 1 year / 15,000 mile severe service oil change, most vehicles gasoline or diesel

Yes, You can buy AMSOIL for Wholesale, and save money!

  • As an Individual
    • Preferred Customer (Wholesale Buyer) — For a membership fee of $20.00 per year (or a introductory $10.00 for 6-months) you can buy all your AMSOIL products for wholesale, saving about 25% off the retail. As little as one case (of 12 quarts) of most products will make this worthwhile, and get all the products shipped direct to your door usually in 1 or 2 business days.
    • Dealer (MLM / Network Marketing) — A dealership moves you up into AMSOIL's commission plan where you can make commissions of up to 25% in addition to the wholesale savings.
  • As a Store-Front Business Account — Any Retailer / traditional store-front business, repair shop or quick lube can sign on as a "Retail-on-the-Shelf" Account and direct buy AMSOIL wholesale, for the purposes of resale.
  • As a Commercial User — Any commerical lubricant user can sing on a a "Commercial" Account and direct buy AMSOIL wholesale. Vehicle Fleets, Industrial Plants, any traditional commercial business that will use the products within the business.

10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to AMSOIL

  1. Offers the latest technology for today's engines.
  2. Dramatically extends oil change interval.
  3. Less oil used with extended drains means less oil disposed.
  4. Increases fuel economy up to 2%-5%.
  5. Reduces engine temperatures by as much as 50°
  6. Provides dependable extreme cold start protection.
  7. Offers the finest engine and oil filtration in the world.
  8. Reduces oil consumption and harmful emissions.
  9. Provides state-of-the-art additive systems and base oil stocks.
  10. Provides the most comprehensive and knowledgeable staff to answer questions.


There are many reasons people use AMSOIL -
Which is yours?

I first started (in 1977) using AMSOIL in my own vehicles because I knew I was abusing my car by not changing the oil as often as I should, and AMSOIL would let me get away with it. I had a Dodge Coronet with a 318, and after changing I was really tickled - it got nearly 2 mpg better fuel economy. And then the next winter at -26° it cranked easily every morning! I wasn't looking for or expecting these extras, but they sure were nice! At first I bought retail from a friend, a little over a year later I became a dealer and started helping others enjoy the benefits.

The Three Biggest Reasons People Choose to Use AMSOIL

  • Better Fuel Economy — Most AMSOIL products will increase economy 3% to 5% as compared to their petroleum counterpart.
  • Extended Drain Intervals — AMSOIL's 'traditional' motor oils will let you extend your drain interval up to 1 year / 25,000 miles (normal driving) or 1 year / 15,000 miles severe duty driving.
  • Reduced Wear — AMSOIL lubricants will reduce wear by 50% as compared to their petroleum couterpart.

And This Reason May Seem Inside-Out, But

You should use AMSOIL so that when you sell it you can "Talk About AMSOIL" and tell others your personal experiences of how it works for you.


Why Should I Sell AMSOIL?

  • To Make Money
    • As a Business — Excellent Profits as an AMSOIL Retailer Account
    • As an Individual — Dealer to enjoy Profits and Commissions and build a Residual Income
  • To Help Others Enjoy the Benefits
    • Better Fuel Economy
    • Reduced Wear
    • Extended Oil Change Intervals
    • Reduced Emissions

What Makes AMSOIL So Good?

AMSOIL is a true or real synthetic oil, using the definition that most people think a synthetic should be. It is a fully man made, designed and built lubricant put together on the molecular level from lesser, smaller building blocks.

The legal definition in the United States now allows the industry to take a traditional petroleum lubricant and submit it to an extra manufacturing step and call it "synthetic." Most of the other "synthetics" in the U.S. are now this lesser product - and cannot be sold in other countries with a "synthetic" label.

To understand what AMSOIL is and why it is so much better than other lubricants, first you need to understand what a conventional petroleum oil is. Conventional petroleum oil is made up of Brontesaurus, Terantesaurus, Teradactyls, and Gopher Wood Trees — whatever decayed, broke down and became crude oil. And today we pump it out of the ground, distill it off to make gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, waxes, tar, asphault, etc. Because every molecule that went down was different, every molecule of petroleum oil is different. It has long chain hydrogen-carbon attached as part of the lubricant and under the temperatures, pressures and loads in today's engines the chains tangle, drag each other along actually making more friction and heat, and tear apart and break down. (Even with the so-called synthetics from most everyone else - they are improved from their regular petroleum lubricants, but they are not able to eliminate all the chain problems.)

On the other hand, AMSOIL is designed and built so every molecule is the same and very nearly round. There is nothing to tear apart and break down. It rolls and tumbles to greatly reduce friction and increase fuel economy and reduce wear.



Not only does AMSOIL save you money which impacts your pocket-book leaving you more green.

AMSOIL reduces emissions by keeping your engine cleaner and sealing it tighter.

AMSOIL with extended drain intervals reduces the amount of used oil and it's potential environmental impacts.